Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sharing Sunday Link-up: Dr. Seuss's Birthday and Morning Work Rubric

It has been awhile since I have done an update.  Needless to say, things have been crazy busy at school for me since Christmas Break!  I am excited to be back on the blog and get back to my goal of posting at least once a month.  Feel free to hold me to this!!

For my first post in 2016, I am linking up with The Primary Peach for Sharing Sunday!  I have a couple things that I want to share.

My FIRST Sunday Share is about National Reading Month and Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Every year, the first week of March, my school has a Dr. Seuss hallway decorating contest(fire code prohibits us from decorating our classroom doors).  Throughout the week, teachers take their students around the school and our students vote on the hallway decorations of one classroom per grade.  The winners receive a small prize and bragging rights!  Every year, I look on pinterest and brainstorm some ideas of how I can decorate the hallway(I probably spend way to much time doing this).  Every year, I think I have a better idea than the last year, BUT this year I REALLY think my hallway decorating is the best that it has ever been.  Look below to see what I did last year.  Sadly, I did not take pictures the first year that I taught at this school.

My students wrote places that they like to read for the Dr. Seuss hat and then created themselves as a "Thing".  I took a picture of each student and they glued it on the "Thing" they created of themselves. For confidentiality reasons, I had to cover up the faces of my students.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!  Here is my masterpiece this year that I believe will be a BIG competitor and even a winner this year!

 What do you think?  Do you think this Dr. Seuss hallway decoration is a winner this year??

Here are just a couple samples of the Dr. Seuss Writing that my students did.  You can purchase this Dr. Seuss Writing Activity for only a $1 at my TPT store here!  

SECOND, I want to share my new morning work.  I noticed that my students needed additional practice with doing writing responses from what they had read.  I am ALWAYS looking for more ways to integrate writing in my classroom!  Therefore, I decided to create weekly reading passages with writing responses.  Look at the samples below:

Each of my reading passages include 2 writing responses, a multiple choice comprehension page and a short answer comprehension page.  Each passage is just $2 here.

I have my students work on these reading passages with writing responses every morning as they are coming in for about 20 minutes.  I created a rubric to grade my students weekly on this writing response.  The rubric includes areas that I want my students to focus on when during their writing.  The rubric is below:
This rubric can be purchased here for only $1 at my store!  I will be creating editing and revising checklists to go along with this rubric.  Follow my store to see these checklists when they are complete!

Well, that is it for now! I hope one of these was helpful for you.  Wish me luck at the hallway decoration contest this week :)

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