Saturday, July 11, 2015

Here I go...

Well, here I go!  This is my first post and honestly, don't know what to say.  I have thought about creating a teaching blog for the past couple of years and finally decided to do it.   I had a personal blog for awhile but journaling is not my thing and I stopped updating it after awhile.  I'm determined not to let that happen with this blog though!

  I'll start by giving you a little introduction...

 I am a 4th grade teacher in a public school.  I will be starting my 4th year of teaching this fall.  I have taught 4th grade for two years and taught Kindergarten for one year.  I loved those little kinders but decided that Upper Elementary was a better fit for me.  I absolutely LOVE 4th grade!  I teach in a small, southern town.  My school is made up of many ethnicities, which includes many Spanish speaking students.  I do not know Spanish well (beyond "Hola", "Me llamo es..."), but I wish I could speak Spanish fluently.  Therefore I am making it a goal to learn spanish these next couple of years!  I LOVE chevron, polka dots and stripes.  You will see all three of these designs around my classroom :) 

I am excited to share some of my ideas and find some ideas from other bloggers! Bare with me as I learn about blogging and possibly even make some blogging mistakes (I'm sure there will be a couple)!

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